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If I was in charge of the student blogging challenge, these are the challenges I would make for everyone to do. All these websites are really fun and they are cool ways to spend computer time. I have put links to them on the words so go on them and give them a go.

-Create a Storybird. Storybird is a great website where you make a story with pictures from famous artists. Cool!

-Create a Vocaroo about your favourite animal and include a photo. Vocaroo is a website in which you can record your voice and play it back and put it on your website (blog).

-Get a bunnyhero labs pet for your sidebar. Bunnyhero labs is a website where you can adopt a virtual pet. You can feed them and play with them!

-Make your own avatar on WeeWorld. WeeWorld is and awesome avatar-making site, and you can make your avatar look pretty much just like you! I like that. 🙂

-Create a PhotoPeach about your school, classroom and what you do at school. PhotoPeach is a site where you make your own slide shows with photos from your computer. I like it because you can add captions, music, and any photos you like.

-Make a Voki about where you live. I like Voki because you can make a cool character and you can record yourself talking or you can use the computer voice!!!!

-Write a post about how to add widgets. Widgets are really cool and fun things you can put on your blog.

-Write a story to do with this picture:


Writing stories is really fun because most of the time you don’t have to make it real. You can do anything you like. It is the best subject ever!

-Make a MyStuDIYo quiz about animals. MyStuDIYo is and awesome website where you can make cool quizzes.

-Write a post about why you did the student blogging challenge and why you think/don’t think your blog is cool. (Don’t think is kind of unlikely!)

-Create a PollDaddy poll about something to do with the student blogging challenge. PollDaddy is a site where you can create polls about whatever you want. It is really cool, I have one on my sidebar!

-Take a photo of yourself or something else (e.g your favourite animal) and upload it to befunky. Befunky is a cool website where you can upload photos and change what they look like with effects.

This post has been written on “Question 4” as part of The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience.

Student Blogging Tasks-Laura on PhotoPeach

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